Can I double major with AMEP?

Yes. Students several well prepared and motivated students have brilliantly double majored in AMEP and Computer Sciences, although that is not an easy combination.  Some AMEP students double major with Mathematics and/or Physics since that is especially easy for AMEP students who only need one or two electives to satisfy the requirements for those majors, but such extra majors are somewhat redundant with Applied Mathematics, Engineering and Physics. AMEP students have also completed work to earn certificates in the Departments of Computer Sciences or Economics. However, remember that AMEP is a demanding interdiscisplinary degree with a lot of math, physics and engineering requirements already.

If you choose to double major and declare AMEP as your primary major (that is as your degree), the AMEP degree requirements apply, not the general L&S degree requirements. In other words, for a double major with AMEP as your primary major you must satisfy all AMEP requirements and only the core requirements for your second major.

Can I double major with AMEP and Engineering?

No. AMEP is its own Bachelor of Science degree (BS AMEP) in the College of Letters and Sciences. UW students can only receive one degree. Since Engineering is also a separate degree, one cannot receive an AMEP degree + an Engineering degree. 

What is the AMEP major code in DARS?

AMP 072

Is AMEP an accredited Engineering program?

No. AMEP is not an Engineering degree. However, in today’s workplace, an AMEP major may be more flexible than an Engineering degree.

I am not sure what branch of Engineering to take, can you help?

The College of Engineering has a self-paced Canvas course that is designed to teach students about different engineering disciplines and careers.

I am interested in Mathematical Biology. Can AMEP help me?

Certainly. The intersection of Mathematics, Physics and Biology is an exciting area to be in. Several Applied Math faculty do research in mathematical biology and could guide you.

Do the Foreign language required credits count for the 20 LAS credits?

Yes, at most 10 credits will count. (Of course you are still subject to the other rules so in practice only a few may count.)

I am a recruiter interested in AMEP students. Who should I contact?

Thank you for your interest in the particular talents of the AMEP program’s students! Please contact the current program director.

I am interested in contributing to the AMEP program. Who should I contact?

Thank you for your support of AMEP! You may make a donation online through the UW-Foundation or you may contact the current program director directly if you would like to discuss this further.

I still have an unanswered question. Who can I ask?

See advising page for contact information.

(updated Sep 2023)