Applied Mathematics, Engineering, and Physics (AMEP) is an interdisciplinary bachelor of science degree program focusing on math, physics, and an area of Engineering. AMEP is a substantial degree yet it can be completed in four years with early planning.

AMEP is for students with broad interests in mathematics, physics and engineering. AMEP seeks to achieve an optimum balance of breadth and depth.

AMEP students often go on to Master’s or PhD programs in Engineering, Physics, Medical Physics, Mathematics, or Computer Science.

AMEP offers a unique combination of mathematical physics and engineering education that not only provides excellent preparation for graduate school in applied science or engineering, but is also of great value to industry. AMEP students interact with Mathematicians, Physicists and Engineers throughout their education and this leaves them well equipped to contribute to interdisciplinary teams and to adapt to complex and changing situations and technologies.

Please visit the Opportunities page to learn more about scholarships, research, and internship opportunities for AMEP students.

AMEP is a program recommended only for those students who have strong ability and interest in mathematics and physical science. An incoming AMEP student must have had sufficient preparation from high school to begin with calculus, chemistry and physics in his or her freshman year.

The AMEP program has specific graduation requirements which are different from those for a typical BS or BA degree as described in the L&S-Bulletin or the Guidelines-Brochure. AMEP requires a minimum of 21 engineering credits forming a coherent concentration of courses into an engineering field. See Courses and Requirements  for a description of the  AMEP core curriculum and graduation requirements, course tips and suggestions, and links to course descriptions.

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