Alumni: please send news items and photos you are willing to share to fabian[dot]waleffe[at]wisc(dot)edu. Current and prospective students like to know what you are up to, and we do too!

  • (March 2017) Andrew Dickerson (AMEP ’17) accepted a position with Lockheed Martin’s Space Systems division
  • (March 2017)  We are pleased to congratulate three AMEP students on winning campus-wide scholarships.  They are…
    • Idris Boukahil:  David H. Durra Scholarship
    • Kevin Langhoff:  Mary Schreiber LeBland & Duwayne LeBlanc Scholarship
    • Jack Nuckles:  Margaret E. and Allard Smith Undergraduate Scholarship
  • (May 2016) Waleffe steps out as coordinator of AMEP program. Waleffe served as coordinator since 2000 (co-coordinator with Paul Milewski 2002-2010). Associate Dean Eric Wilcots (L&S) leads efforts to form AMEP faculty committee to lead and oversee the interdisciplinary program. 
  • (May 2016) AMEP Alumni donate $2000 to the Badgerloop project! 
  • (Apr 27, 2016) Congratulations to Bai Yang Wang, Blake Nigh and Felipe Gutierrez who have been awarded the 2016 AMEP leadership Prize. Bai Yang is going to graduate school in physics at Stanford, Felipe is going to grad school in Computer Science at UW Madison and Blake will spend the summer as an intern at the NSA and return to UW for one more semester. Blake and Felipe are double majoring in AMEP and Computer Science.
  • (March 2016) Bai Wang (AMEP 2016) has been elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Bai has been accepted to graduate school in Physics at MIT, Stanford, Princeton and Yale!
  • (June 2015) Nick Derr (AMEP 2015) is the 2015 recipient of the campus-wide Herfurth-Kubly award. Nick is doing a part III at Cambridge University in the UK and will start grad school at Harvard in Fall 2016. Nick is the 2015 recipient of the AMEP leadership prize.
  • (April 2015) Mathew Leeds (AMEP ’15) has accepted a position at Transform Fuels a start-up company based in Massachusetts and Florida. Mathew was the 2014 recipient of the AMEP leadership prize
  • (March 2015) Andrew Alt and Shiying Li have been elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Andrew Alt is now a graduate student in Plasma Physics at Princeton. Shiying Li has since made the unusual switch from AMEP to … psychology?! 
  • Eric Hestekin (AMEP’15) is working as an analyst at Boeing in St Louis, MO. He reports using math that he learned in Math 321 `every day!’


The 2015 AMEP get-together took place on Friday Oct 30, 5:15-6:45pm in the Van Vleck Lounge. Thanks to the AMEP support fund and Vicki Richards and Lynn West (math dept) for making this possible!

 Congratulations to Xinyun Rong, Yiding Xu and Min Zhang, who earned a Meritorious ranking in this year’s COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling (top 15% among thousands of teams worldwide!).

 Mathematical Contest in Modeling @ UW Madison! led by Prof. Spagnolie and the AMEP support fund, every year in January. 

Scientists  on verge of cosmic creation   A news story about the research of  AMEP grad and AMEP advisor Cary Forest.  [Oct 25, 2012]

Thanks to AMEP students Natalia Antropova, Colton Marti and Mathew Leeds for helping out at the UW Majors Fair. [Oct 23, 2012]


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