See the Courses page for notes on recommended and required courses.

Requirements for the BS-AMEP degree are listed in the UW-Madison Guide. AMEP is a special degree in the College of Letters and Science, so the degree requirements are somewhat different from those for a typical BS or BA degree. AMEP requires a total of at least 125 credits where a typical BS or BA degree only requires 120 credits.

Degrees vs Majors:  A student can have multiple majors but only one degree. Students can earn an AMEP degree with additional majors (e.g. computer science, music, etc.) but one cannot add an AMEP major to any degree (e.g. a BS or an engineering degree). The AMEP major does not exist! AMEP is its own degree.

Physics OR Engineering: Credits used to fulfill the Physics requirements cannot be used to fulfill the Engineering requirements, and vice versa. Some courses are cross-listed between Physics and Engineering and can count for either Physics or Engineering requirements but not both. A few MATH courses are cross-listed in engineering and this rule applied to those as well: they will count for either the Math or Engineering requirement, not both.

Double-counting for Lab and Computational: Credits used to fulfill the laboratory and computational requirements may be counted towards the Math, Physics and Engineering requirements, where appropriate. For example, MATH 513 or MATH 514 can count toward the Math requirement as well as satisfy the AMEP computational requirement.