Scholarships and Prizes

AMEP Leadership Prize

This prize is awarded to one or more AMEP student each academic year in the Spring. They must have demonstrated leadership in AMEP and possess solid academic records. Examples of leadership include endeavors to enhance AMEP, recruitment of prospective students, serving as a mentor to other students in the program, or promoting AMEP on campus or to external audiences. This prize was endowed by AMEP alumnus Dan Koellen.

Scholarships and Fellowships

There are many scholarship opportunities at UW-Madison as well as nationally. To learn more about campus opportunities, you can visit the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH). External opportunities may be found in many places and we encourage you to seek out opportunities that interest you and meet your needs. Some are listed on this opportunity board that is maintained weekly by AMEP advisors.

AMEP students in recent years have won awards such as:

  • Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowship
  • Astronaut Scholarship
  • Goldwater Scholarship
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Four people are standing together, the three on the left are holding certificates. These three won the AMEP Leadership Prize and the last person on the right is faculty coordinator Professor Fabian Waleffe.